SmartPark – turn your city into a smart city

Reduce congestion, cut pollution spikes, and lower driver stress with SmartPark

SmartPark is a proven, robust, accurate and cost-effective way to ensure that road users know exactly where unoccupied car parking spaces are.


  • Assists drivers find available parking spaces near them
  • Linked to pay-by-phone solution
  • Improves parking space vehicle occupancy
  • Less drivers looking to park reduces congestion
  • Cuts pollution spikes
  • Lowers driver stress and improves a city’s image


  • State of the art, RFID equipped SmartEye sensors
  • SmartApp space location app for smart phones
  • SmartRep installation data management application
  • Zone Controllers
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Training

How it works

SmartPark's SmartEye sensors use infrared to detect when a vehicle has occupied or has left a parking space.

RFID-equipped SmartEye sensors means your SmartPark solution can encompass:

  • RFID tag identification to enable fuss-free permit parking for residents and Blue Badge holders
  • E-wallet interface encryption and cashless payment to deliver a truly end-to-end experience
  • Real time bay flexibility enabling dynamic pricing, bay rules and times

SmartEye sensors are not susceptible to interference from power cable energy surges and other electrical sources. This means they are far more reliable and accurate.

Zone controllers receive status update signals from SmartEye sensors close by, which then transmit this information via 3G to a central server.

Real-time updates are collated using state-of-the-art security protocols. This data is then used to populate appropriate devices with changes to parking space occupancy.

Drivers access the SmartApp mobile application via their iPhone or Android device to view a current picture of parking spaces near to them. They’re then guided to the nearest unoccupied bay. Once parked, the application can also be configured to direct them to pay for parking via your chosen remote payment solution. The app can also be configured to include real time data on occupancy levels in adjacent off-street parking facilities, maximising convenience for the driver.

In short, SmartPark can seamlessly coordinate data to CEO handhelds, cashless payment facilities, and on-street payment machines, enabling you to deploy a fully integrated parking space occupancy, revenue and enforcement solution to meet the needs of your city.

The technology can also be configured to provide you with a fully detailed management information and reporting tool. This enables you to collect and collate information, review bay use levels, and review occupancy/charge/revenue models to determine future developments in dynamic zone pricing.


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