Smart Parking's guest spot at Gulf Traffic Parking Summit

Held at the prestigious Dubai Mall Hotel, Smart Parking recently attended the Middle East Parking Summit.

undefinedA packed conference agenda saw an interesting array of speakers drawn from across the region and beyond, including Kieran Fitsall, Head of Service Improvement & Transformation at Westminster Council who gave a presentation on Smart Parking’s Bay Sensor Technology project currently taking place in the city. Further topics included New Concepts in Parking & Mobility, the developments of License Plate Recognition Technology and the Integrated Parking Management Solutions.

The event saw over 40 delegates in attendance and is part of a programme of events culminating in the Gulf Traffic Exhibition and Conference taking place in Dubai in December.

Smart Parking has a significant presence in the GCC region with over 1300 parking bay sensors installed across locations including Bahrain, Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. Currently we have 986 sensors in operation in the city of Dammam, Saudi Arabia. This project is being carried out in partnership with Mawgif, a national parking company, operating throughout Saudi Arabia, and also in Jordan and the UAE.

Rob Weaver, Smart Parking Global Bid Manager, who attended the summit, said ‘It was an invaluable opportunity for us to network with some of the key players from the parking industry within the GCC countries. It is important to Smart Parking that we capitalise on our existing work in Saudi Arabia and UAE and raise our profile with potential clients and partners. It was also a pleasure to hear Kieran speak about the benefits Smart Parking has brought in London through the installation of our bay sensors.’