SmartPark – the triple bottom line

What does a high-energy protein bar made from ground up insects, leasing instead of buying jeans, and waterless toilets in the slums of South America have in common with parking a car in the middle of London?

Not a lot, on the face of it, until you start to dig a little deeper.  These seemingly unconnected ideas have all made a list of the top 100 sustainable business innovations in an authoritative review of environmentally friendly enterprises.  The list has been created by Sustainia, one of the world’s best-respected organisations specialising in researching and then campaigning for breakthroughs that deliver measurable environmental, social and economic benefits.

Sustainia’s overall premise is that while world needs to do things in a different way if it is to combat the threat of climate change, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this should be at the expense of living enriched, interesting lives.

As Dr Rajendra K. Pachauri, Chairman of the intergovernmental panel for climate change said about Sustainia 100: “we now know where to find the most inspiring solutions. Reading about how new projects and technologies are innovating transportation, advancing our food production, slowing down fashion and speeding up resource efficiency, you cannot help but be amazed by the opportunities to start creating sustainable industries, communities and cities. Sustainia100 is a guide to a green and desirable future within our reach and it is a guide away from threats and insecurities.”

That’s why it’s such an honour for Smart Parking to have our SmartPark solution selected as a Sustainia 100 innovation for 2014. According to Sustainia, our technology, which enables communities to reduce congestion, cut vehicle emission totals, lower costs-to-enforce and improve the experience of drivers who are looking to park in city centres, delivers a Triple Bottom Line of benefits – environmental, social and economic.  As Sustainia says, “all the solutions in the Sustainia100 are readily available, have the potential to scale up across markets, and impact society on the triple bottom line of sustainability.”

Interestingly, Sustainia reviewed more than 900 solutions and projects around the world before agreeing its shortlist, so it shows how vibrant eco-technology as a sector has become, and also, why being in the top 100 is a real testament to the success of SmartPark.  With it being implemented in cities around the world, including Westminster, Sydney, Madrid, Camden, Edinburgh and Prague, SmartPark is gaining profile as the ‘go-to’ solution for all cities.  As we continue to work hard to engage with cities and highlight the benefits of our technology to them, it’s great news that a globally recognised authority on sustainability has underlined SmartPark’s credentials

Download the Sustainia100 for 2014