Taking the U.S by storm

Taking the U.S by storm

Smart Parking has a significant presence in the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand and in our quest for world domination, sorry let me rephrase, to become the world leader in parking technology, we are now looking to enter the North American market and what better way to start than by spreading the Smart Parking name at two pivotal shows within the U.S. Internet of Things (IoT) and parking sectors.

First stop was the O’Reilly Solid Conference held in the beautiful city of San Francisco. Solid is Silicon Valley’s seminal IoT event, gathering the brightest minds in the IoT and beyond, think industry leaders, engineers, programmers, CXOs, designers, policy makers, manufacturers, analysts, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs.

The parking industry in Europe and North America is rapidly innovating towards Smart IoT. In addition to adopting high-end automation solutions and software for parking payments and guidance, the parking industry is getting set to use adapted technologies from the IT industry. Migration to intelligent parking systems, rapid progression of wireless technologies, big data analytics, and the evolution of contactless RFID communication will see smart IoT cities show more interest than ever before as they work to reduce levels of congestion significantly and make citizen’s lives’ easier.

Throughout the 3 day event we were delighted by the number of thought-provoking discussions, and sheer potential of new ideas and opportunities we encountered whilst at the show. It was a great success, so much so we are now looking to exhibit at the O’Reilly Solid event in Amsterdam, October 2015.

Now onto the bright lights of Las Vegas. With temperatures of over 110 degrees the International Parking Institute annual conference and expo at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and convention centre was a surefire sizzler!

The IPI is the unchallenged leader in the US parking trade show race. It attracts the largest and most established players within the industry and as first time visitors we were excited to see what the event will bring.

As parking professionals attempt to improve operational efficiency as a result of pressure to cut costs in the current economic climate the use of technology within the worldwide parking industry has become increasingly widespread over recent years. 

The US was one of the leading regions in terms of the early large-scale adoption of smart parking systems however, a recent survey conducted by Navigant Research found when compared to Europe, North American cities have been relatively slow in continuing to adopt smart parking sensor technology.

Conversations with parking professionals lead us to believe that the U.S is a little dubious about bay sensors having witnessed several unsuccessful projects. Equipped with our SmartRep reporting system we were there to reassure them that our technology works with installations of over 8 years old still operating today. Live demos on the stand left visitors thoroughly impressed with our solution laying the foundations for future relationships to fuel our rapid growth in the US market.

So now the real work starts… See you again in 2016 bigger and better!