Rotorua District Council, New Zealand

Rotorua, New Zealand

In-Ground Vehicle Detection Sensors, SmartRep

Smart Parking is playing an important role in helping a New Zealand local authority to breathe new life into its inner city core.

The Challenge

The challenge

As one of New Zealand’s premier tourist destinations, the town of Rotorua has prioritised the revitalisation of its inner city. A key issue was to continue to attract a healthy turnover of drivers visiting the central part of Rotorua, while avoiding the pitfall of facilitating “stay all day” commuters, for whom other parking options were more appropriate.

Our solution

Related technologies

Our solution

Smart Parking was chosen to install our In-Ground Vehicle Detection Sensor system across approximately 1,500 parking spaces, including metered and two-hour unmetered bays, together with 100 of the company’s SmartLink zone controllers and its SmartRep management software. The deployment plays a central role in Park Rotorua, Rotorua District Council’s new parking programme for the heart of the city. Park Rotorua delivers free two-hour parking in the inner city core, with Smart Parking’s technology ensuring that enforcement is fair, accurate and efficient. The programme retains the existing unlimited metered parking on the inner city fringes and free unlimited parking on the perimeter of the city.

The benefits

The Park Rotorua parking initiative provides better parking options for shoppers, visitors, workers and inner city businesses. It is an exciting development for us as we seek to build and regenerate our inner city.

Steve Chadwick, Mayor of Rotorua

The benefits

The sensors monitor around 500 two-hour unmetered bays in the heart of the city and provide overstay notifications via SmartRep to enforcement staff, ensuring that while drivers are attracted by free parking, fair access ensures a healthy turnover of visitors. Data is also collated into SmartRep to help develop future parking plans.