Bay sensor technology to take away parking frustrations in New Zealand capital

Bay sensor technology to take away parking frustrations in New Zealand capital

The fruitless search when looking for a parking space could be at an end for drivers in the New Zealand capital now that Wellington City Council have begun to trial Smart Parking’s bay sensor technology.

Wellington City Council has gone live with an initial trial of 72 V2 sensors in Allen Street.

Upon completion of a successful trial which is scheduled to run to the end of April, a $1.4 million rollout of 4000 sensors across the inner city street is being planned by the Council. The parking solution will also include Smart Parking’s SmartApp which will allow motorists to identify streets with available bays and avoid driving around
searching for a spot on roads which are already full.undefined

Larry Eade, Smart Parking’s Head of Operations APAC commented “The move will make finding a parking space easier whilst reducing congestion and improving motorist satisfaction in the process”.

“Early data from the trial suggest it is very successful” council spokesman Richard MacLean said. “Sensors have already been used in New Plymouth but technology has moved on considerably, and the equipment proposed for Wellington can do much more”.

The move will allow wardens to get real-time information about where people are overstaying. Equipped with this information Warden’s will have more time to guide and provide advice to motorists, by helping to direct customers looking for parking to nearby available casual parking places.

There could also be the opportunity for "dynamic parking", by which the price would drop as more parks became available.