Better parking solutions at Bondi Beach

Smart Parking has worked alongside Australian Parking and Revenue Control (APARC) – one of Australia’s leading parking management solutions businesses – to help Waverley Council in the coastal suburbs of Sydney test how leading edge technology can assist drivers looking for available parking spaces at the world-famous Bondi Beach.

Waverley is the most densely populated local authority area in Australia, and has correspondingly high levels of car ownership. The Council’s Parking Services Division places a high priority on fair, accurate and consistent management of access to car parking, particularly as Bondi Beach is one of New South Wales’ most iconic, year-round tourist destinations.

Accordingly, APARC and Smart Parking worked with Waverley to introduceva motorist guidance system for an on street separated parking zone along Bondi Beach’s main coastal road, Campbell Parade.

The installation, which comprises SmartEye in-ground sensors transmitting real-time space occupation data via SmartRep management software to on-site directional signage, provides drivers with accurate notification of space availability so that they can make an informed decision on whether to enter the parking zone.

The Smart Parking solution also provides Waverley with accurate, up-to-the-minute data that gives them a better understanding of drivers’ parking habits – knowledge that can be incorporated into future parking solutions.

Smart Parking CEO Paul Gillespie believes that the deployment could well be a precursor to future projects across the country. “Waverley Council views its car parking capacity as a scarce resource, and it is committed to putting in place demand solutions that are fair, efficient and consistent”, says Paul. “We’ve been pleased to work on this project with Waverley Council and their partners APARC, and we think that the success of this will form a blueprint for other authorities across Australia that are focusing in this way on managing access to car parking capacity.”