Coles Woodend is the latest Coles supermarket to install Smart Parking in Australia

Coles Woodend is the latest Coles supermarket to install Smart Parking in Australia

Coles' latest development in Woodend is set to include a cutting edge, smart city car park.

Smart Parking is delighted to receive yet another Coles contract - this time in Woodend, Victoria.

Coles Woodend is currently under construction, due for completion later this year and will service the busy town of Woodend, situated in the beautiful Macedon Ranges shire.

Smart Parking’s system was the most compliant, comprehensive, robust and advanced solution that matched Coles Woodend’s visions and requirements, and this – coupled with the fact that we have a long history of working with the Coles franchise – meant that the choice to go with Smart Parking was an easy one.

To this end, Coles Woodend are set to install almost 200 in-ground vehicle detection sensors, which will relay live parking events, via our SmartSpot gateways, into the SmartCloud platform.

This will in turn process these events and feed back live information to the 
LED variable message signage in the car park, meaning motorists can see which rows have available bays, and be directed to different areas of the car park on busy days.

The Coles operators will also have a tool that puts complete visibility of car park activity in their hands. Not only can they see if overstays are abusing the system, but they can analyse longer-term parking trends and set rules around individual sensor behaviour. This allows them to personally programme sensors closer to the store for a shorter amount of time, allowing people who just need to pop in a quick and easy journey, while saving longer stay bays for those who wish to stay for a lengthier shop.

undefinedInstall is set to begin in September 2018, with visitors to Coles Woodend being able to enjoy the new car park experience in the near future.

Smart Parking National Sales Manager, Ben Williams, comments “It’s pleasing to see yet another Coles supermarket take up the car park initiative, and we’re looking forward to offering residents and visitors to Woodend a great customer experience from the beginning to the end of their journey.”