Nuts about parking? Smart Parking is!

Smart Parking is always on the lookout for a fresh way to present the features and benefits of its solutions. That’s certainly the case when it comes to the company’s new animations – Nuts About Parking!

The “Nuts” animations present typical dilemmas faced by drivers when they are using car parking where traditional technology solutions are in place. The drivers, represented in the shape of a variety of nuts, experience the drawbacks of the system, and are then shown transformed into people enjoying the enhanced parking experience that’s offered by Smart Parking.

“It’s really important to communicate effectively the capability of our technology to transform drivers’ experience of car parking”, says Smart Parking Group Chief Executive Officer Paul Gillespie. “Our Nuts animations do this really well, in a way that highlights the unique features and benefits of our solutions. I’m sure that as a creative campaign, we’ll be pecan up some awards soon. It’s a cashew in.”

You can review the nuts animations on the company’s website at or at Smart Parking’s Vimeo channel at