Pay & Walk takes off-street car parking to the next level

Smart Parking has launched an updated version of Pay & Walk, its solution for off-street car parking that removes the drawbacks associated with both Pay On Foot and Pay & Display.

Pay & Walk enables car park users to enter a barrier-less car park, pay, and walk away, with no need to return to their vehicles to display a ticket.

Smart Parking’s newly RFID-equipped SmartEye vehicle detection sensors, which have been re-designed to feature a virtually flat, anti-slip profile, detect as a parking space is occupied or vacated. Once parked, drivers go to a SmartMeter pay station, input their bay number and pay for a unique, receipted parking session – preventing lost revenue as a result of ticket piggybacking in Pay & Display car parks and barrier drive-throughs in Pay On Foot schemes. The SmartMeter pay station transmits space occupancy status and session payment confirmation, via Smart Parking’s SmartRep software, to the car park’s attendant. The attendant can then review all occupied bays and check, instantly and accurately, that each session is valid, and enforce infringements quickly and efficiently where they occur.

Pay & Walk can accommodate cash and card payments and a pay by phone option. It can also be configured to allow drivers to top up a parking session remotely, which delivers real user benefit flexibility, particularly if the facility is installed at a transport hub.

With SmartEye sensors now RFID equipped, RFID tag identification technology allows fuss-free Blue Badge parking, e-wallet interface encryption and cashless payment, and real-time flexibility, which provides the option of flexible parking space rules and times. Pay & Walk can also be configured to add options including employee white lists and integration with retailer loyalty programmes and receipt-validated refunds where operators wish to offer this benefit.

Commenting, Smart Parking’s CEO Paul Gillespie said Pay & Walk overcame the problems associated with existing approaches. “Pay & Display and Pay On Foot both deliver a compromised, frequently unwelcoming off-street car parking experience for drivers and both can be costly to maintain for operators. In contrast, Pay & Walk can make a significant difference to cost and revenue control while improving the quality of the car park user experience for drivers.”