Smart Parking adds another shopping centre to our Australian portfolio

Smart Parking adds another shopping centre to our Australian portfolio

Figtree Grove Shopping Centre is improving their customer experience with a cutting-edge car park system

Comprising over 80 specialty stores, as well sharing a site with Coles, Woolworths and a 24-hour Kmart, Figtree Grove Shopping Centre has been serving the Wollongong region in New South Wales, Australia, since 1965.

The large footprint has changed significantly in its 53 years of operation, undergoing four major redevelopments including upgrading from a neighbourhood to a regional shopping centre, and three further redevelopments in 1987, 1992 and most recently in 2009, which saw the addition of 15 new stores.

Today Figtree Grove Shopping Centre is visited by over 4.6 million shoppers each year and this, combined with staff car park needs, have led management to recognise the need for a car park system that both enables them to monitor and report on car park usage, while affording shoppers better visibility and directions to available car park bays.

In July 2018, Smart Parking received notice that we were selected as preferred supplier to install over 900 parking bay sensors at Figtree Grove, these being a mixture of in-ground and surface-mount, to suit the different natures of the sprawling, multi-level car park.

As well as the sensors, the project will also include real-time guidance via variable message signage, giving shoppers a quick, easy way to determine where there are available car parks throughout the site.

undefinedCentre management will have full visibility and control of their site via the Smart Parking back-end dashboard. This cloud-based system allows operators to set rules such as time limits or bay usage for individual sensors, as well as providing a dashboard that shows bay status, overall car park usage and capacity. Templated reports can also be generated at the click of a button, or customised reports can be quickly and easily built by office staff without needing to engage costly development charges.

Ben Williams, Smart Parking’s Australian Sales Manager, commented “We’re pleased to be working with Figtree Grove Shopping Centre, and look forward to providing a solution that will improve customer experience for their shoppers. We’re also delighted to see our shopping centre portfolio continue to grow.”