Smart Parking branding process complete

Smart Parking completed the process of rebranding its international operations on 1 July.

The rebranding concludes a key development phase for the business after a period of growth that commenced with the purchase of New Zealand registered parking technology developer Meter Eye and the acquisition of UK-based car parking management services provider Town & City Parking (Town & City UK).

Town & City UK was re-branded as Smart Parking in 2012, and with this process complete, the decision was taken to integrate the rest of the business’s operations, which includes its activities in Australia, New Zealand and the US, under the new name.

Commenting on the move, Chief Executive Officer Paul Gillespie said that re-branding the business internationally to Smart Parking reflected the global nature of demand from clients in the company’s key markets.

“Around the world, facility providers are constantly striving to improve convenience and quality in their car parks, while simultaneously seeking to manage fair access to parking without alienating drivers. That’s as true for providers of on-street bays in the USA as it is for a supermarket in the UK, a shopping centre in New Zealand, or a multi-storey in Australia. The rebranding of our global business to Smart Parking will help us to project a unified message to existing and prospective clients and commercial partners – wherever they are in the world, and whichever sector of the parking industry they are in.”