Survival of the fittest

Survival of the fittest

On Friday 19th December, Smart Parking Technology New Zealand took part in the SPT DoubleHardman endurance games.

As part of the team building activities SPT Technicians ran for 5km before completing early morning boxing and Pilate sessions, followed by the tough “PIHA Challenge" which included a 500 meter sand run, scale down 100 meter cliff, a further 500 meter sand run, swim through the "Keyhole", in rocks, swim out to Lion Rock, and then in to shore. By this stage all team members were weary to say the least, but continued on to complete a gruelling 2km run over hot and steep sand dunes and a 4, 500 meter swim across Bethals Lake.

Joint winners of the SPT Trophy were Todd Doolan and Martin Hooker. Other team members included Jared Edmunds, Nick Edmunds, Ryan (Rhino) Stacey, Larry Eade, Kevin Heathwaite, Nick (KP) Prussing and Keegan Smith.

Head of Operations NZ, Larry Eade said “all of the Technicians have done themselves and Smart Parking extremely proud and it was an amazing day. Everyone played a huge part and it was truly a team effort that got us all through, outstanding commitment and maturity from such a young and talented team, it is a genuine privilege to work alongside these guys.”

A special thanks goes out to Piha Surf Lifesaving Club, Luci Pilates, Corey for his Kayak supervision and of course Larry Eade for putting this fantastic day together. Well done guys!