Teamwork the key in Tottenham

Teamwork the key in Tottenham

Smart Parking has been working closely with tenants and Workman, the managing agent at Tottenham Hale Retail Park to deliver a professional, consistently high level of car park management service to the busy retail park in north London.

With 23 nationally recognised tenants, and over 400 car parking spaces, Tottenham Hale Retail Park plays an important role in the retail life of the north London suburb. Alongside this vibrancy, says Smart Parking’s retail sales manager, is the need to evolve a parking management service to reflect the changing needs of retailers and their employees, shoppers and site managers.

“We have managed Tottenham Hale as an attendant-patrolled car park for six years”. “However, working closely with site manager Workman FM and tenants, we made the decision to install an ANPR solution this summer. In this deployment, we wanted to focus on working with retailers to relocate staff parking to a dedicated area, and also ensure that we provided an appropriate level of management of DPC parking compliance.”

The revised solution for Tottenham Hale has proved to be very successful. “ANPR delivers consistently high levels of enforcement accuracy, while also securing cost reductions for our client”. “At the same time, the retention of our attendant means that we’re able to ensure fair access to DPC parking spaces.”

Smart Parking undertook a consultation process with tenants to ensure that they and their employees understood changes to staff parking arrangements as part of the change process.

“This element of the scheme progressed very smoothly with the minimum of fuss”. “Through working smarter and actively engaging with tenants we have delivered a successful change process with the minimum of stress, inconvenience and post installation challenges.”

Coila Macdonald for managing agents Workman FM says that the service innovations introduced by Smart Parking to Tottenham Hale Retail Park this year have been a real success. “Smart Parking has continued to focus on building relationships to secure consensus amongst our tenants about how parking for both customers and retail staff should be managed. Drivers are also clearer about the terms and conditions that apply to parking here, which means that it all works much better. We’re very pleased with how the working relationship has continued to develop.”