09 Oct 2019 Press Release

A car park technology upgrade is on the cards for The Base shopping centre


The Base Town Centre, located in Hamilton, New Zealand, is one of the country’s busiest retail and leisure destinations, with over 7.5 million visitors each year. For the past 10 years Smart Parking has been improving the retail experience with a comprehensive car park management system that allows visitors to swiftly find an available bay at The Base’s indoor or open air car parks.


As part of a continued initiative to engage customers, The Base are now upgrading their parking system, and have again turned to Smart Parking to provide the latest in parking management technology, beginning with their indoor overhead indicator (OHI) guidance system.


We will be installing our new-to-market V3 OHI sensor and guidance system, which consists of OHI sensors that show individual bay availability by green-to-red changing LED lights. These will replace over 500 of the 10-year-old V1 OHI sensors.


Our SmartPark system allows for seamless integration, meaning The Base can run current assets such as digital guidance signage alongside the installation of the new overhead indicator guidance system – with everything being run and managed through our SmartCloud platform.


SmartCloud enables centre management to monitor their car park in real time, as well as allowing them to access and generate custom reporting on everything from car park peak times, trends, occupancy levels and parking behaviour, giving them a holistic view of their car park and allowing data-driven decision making and future planning.

It’s great to see our system – installed over 10 years ago – is still providing The Base with a comprehensive and easy to run parking system, and we’re delighted they have again chosen Smart Parking to roll out their OHI upgrade. Working with the team at The Base over the past 10 years has been a rewarding and enjoyable relationship, and we very much look forward to continuing our partnership for the next 10 years and beyond.

Rebecca Grainger

Smart Parking General Manages of Sales & Operations (NZ)