04 May 2020 News

Smart Parking Covid-19 Update


Smart Parking recognise that the world is and has been operating in unprecedented times. NHS workers in the UK have been instrumental in the fight against Covid-19, and it’s fair to say every one of them have gone over and above their usual duty of care. 


Since mid-March, Smart Parking have proactively been helping NHS staff and other key workers carry out their duties to the best of our ability. In some car parks that we manage we have worked hard with all of our associated land agents to reach agreements that mean we can offer free parking for designated key staff, or organise for extended parking, via on-site exclusion tablets, to those showing their staff card.


We remind people, if you are visiting these car parks, it is still important to allow staff and ambulance workers access and therefore keep staff and ambulance areas clear at all times, to allow key workers to access facilities and avoid delays.


Below are some FAQs that are designed to help answer any questions you may have.


Q: I’m an NHS worker and I’ve received a PCN, how do I  have this cancelled?

Smart Parking will cancel any PCN issued to an NHS worker since Monday 23rd March, when the government made it’s lockdown announcement.

To request a cancellation simply submit your appeals form online, using the ‘Got a Parking Ticket?’ button in the top right corner of our website. You will need to provide the PCN reference number which will be on the letter we sent you, along with evidence that you are an NHS worker (you can submit a photo of your ID badge, official payslip, or your permit confirmation email). If you can also provide your paid parking receipt this would be useful as well.


Q: NHS Trust sites will no longer be issuing Parking Charge Notices throughout the Covid-19 lockdown. Does this apply to other smaller healthcare centres?

We have either switched off ANPR systems or extended Grace Periods at medical centres, as part of our continued support for the healthcare industry. Please be aware that manned attendants may remain on duty to ensure people park legally and considerately. As such, we envisage that there will only be limited Parking Charge Notices issued  at medical centres for the duration of the Covid-19 lockdown period.


Information for members of the general public


Q: Do visitors to NHS sites get free parking?

Parking tariffs are set by the individual Trusts – to find out if the site you’re visiting is offering free parking, please visit their website.


Q: Can I cancel or renew a parking permit if the company I normally purchase it from is no longer open due to government instruction or I no longer require it due to working from home?

Unfortunately, you will need to speak directly with the issuer about a cancellation or renewal directly. We’re sorry we can’t be of more help.


Q: I’ve appealed a PCN – will you still be working on it during the Covid-19 lockdown?

Yes, our PCN team is still operating and we will endeavour to deal with your appeal as quickly as possible. This may take up to 28 days, especially if we are seeing periods of high volumes. Once your appeal is received, the PCN charge value will be frozen until the appeal has been dealt with.


Q: What’s happening to my court case during Covid-19 lockdown?

The court system is also endeavouring to operate as normally as possible under lockdown conditions. Some courts may not be holding hearings in person. In these cases, they may be held over the phone or a decision could be made by a judge without a hearing through the review of papers alone.

To find out whether your hearing will still be going ahead you should speak to HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS). You will need to contact the court where your hearing is being heard for further information.

If your circumstances have changed and you’d like to settle rather than continue with your court hearing, please email info@smartparking.com


Q: I cannot work/have lost my job so no longer have the funds to pay.

We are sorry to hear that, and we’ll try to help. To request a payment schedule, please submit an appeals form online. Instead of submitting evidence to have your ticket cancelled, please use this form to propose a payment value and duration which we can then consider. It is very important you communicate clearly and as early as possible with us rather than ignore a PCN.


Q: Are you still issuing PCNs during the Covid-19 crisis?

On sites other than NHS Trusts we will still be issuing. We need to ensure sites continue to operate safely and appropriately and that parking space remains available for genuine customers and vulnerable individuals. During this time, please ensure you adhere to the terms listed on car park signage and continue to be considerate towards others in the way you park.


Q: I have evidence that I was a genuine customer on a site but have received a PCN. I am no longer able to print this out and post it as I’m in self-isolation.

Again, it is very important you communicate clearly and as early as possible with us rather than ignore a PCN. If you have a digital camera, a camera on your phone or on a handheld tablet computer, please use this to photograph the evidence you have so it can be attached when submitting your appeal online. Alternatively, the establishment themselves may be able to confirm in an email that you were a genuine patient/shopper/customer but please ensure you do this safely and in line with government social distancing guidelines.

Remember, any evidence you provide must be clear and legible – please submit an appeals form online.