07 Jan 2020 News

Smart Parking flexes its muscles at Les Mills gym


Smart Parking recently launched one of our latest projects at the busy, inner city Auckland gym Les Mills.


The parking building – owned by Les Mills gym and run by Wilson Parking – is a multi-deck car park fitted out with our overhead indicator sensors, rooftop surface-mount vehicle detection sensors, and digital guidance signage.



It caters for both casual public parking and free 90-minute parking for gym members, and to make this possible we integrated our Smart Parking app with the Les Mills membership interface, in a project dubbed the Les Mills Member Experience. This means that gym members simply need to create a secure account using the Smart Parking app, which they then use to start their parking session once in the carpark. To activate their free 90 minutes parking members simply need to swipe in at the gym within 15 minutes and the parking is automatically activated. 


The development we put into this project also allows for gym member to stay beyond the free period by turning over into the normal paid parking mode once this expires.


Since its opening in mid December over 2,300 gym members have registered on the Smart Parking app – and we expect this number to rise as the summer holidays come to an end and people get back in to hitting the gym!


Smart Parking staff were on hand during the launch phase to ensure a smooth transition for gym goers, and continue to support Les Mills in both a development and operational capacity.