16 Oct 2017 In The Media

The City of Joondalup introduces Digital (IoT) Transformation for the Greater Good

In a partnership with Telstra, the City of Joondalup have begun to introduce the latest in Smart City applications giving residents a smarter, better place to live.

The project sees the deployment of smart city technologies at Tom Simpson Park, a popular beach side location that is located just 30 minutes from Perth and attracts thousands of visitors each month.


Smart Parking’s bay sensor solution has been deployed at Tom Simpson Park's IoT enabled car park, which is connected to the Telstra mobile network. Occupancy data collected through the vehicle detection sensors is transmitted into dynamic signage and shows how many spaces are available to people travelling to the area, helping traffic flows during peak periods and summer holidays.


Joondalup Local Mayor Troy Pickard said: “As the driver of innovation and economic growth for Perth’s northern region, the City of Joondalup are conscious of the escalating need for cities to meet the demands of the digital age and its role in government services. It is imperative that we reassess our business models and shift towards a more mobile and agile way of doing business, whilst using the technology to meet specific needs of its visitors in keeping the park clean, safe and convenient for everyone to enjoy.”


Smart Parking Sales Manager Ben Williams said: “We’re excited to be working with the City of the Joondalup in helping to deliver the City’s digital plan as it aspires to become one of Australia’s leading digital hubs. Our bay sensor solution will make it even easier for visitors to find a parking space, meaning more time to enjoy the parks facilities.”


Other technologies deployed include:


Environmental sensors that monitor light, temperature, noise, humidity and pollution levels in the park in real-time.


A smart bin solution with sensors on the 32 bins located in the park to notify the City when bins need to be emptied enabling the City to manage rubbish collection more efficiently and gain insights into which areas of the park are being more frequently accessed by the community.


An analytics tool and dashboard that provides a real-time view of how the park and its infrastructure are being used. This enables the City to monitor park facilities and use resources more efficiently to allow the City to plan more effectively.


For more information Smart Parking in Joondalup visit Telstra Exchange