Off-street parking

Customer satisfaction while maximising revenues

Good off-street parking makes your business more attractive to customers and improves overall customer experience. Improved management, more efficient use of space and better enforcement maximise revenues and cut costs.

Features and benefits of our technology

Our technology

How can Smart Parking technology change the parking experience?

Smart Parking has been designing, developing and producing leading-edge parking technology for over ten years. But this is not innovation for ation's sake. Our R&D focus is always client-centric, and is shaped around using technology as an enabler to help our clients achieve their goals.

Spaces available


Check parking space availability before you set out.

Directions to parking


Takes driver to space with clear, simple directions.



Clear directional signage to available spaces, improving traffic flow throughout the carpark.

Off-street parking


Sensor gathers vehicle information for payment, compliance and space management.

Pay & walk

Pay & Walk

State-of-the-art SmartRep software that makes parking easier for customers, more efficient for you and unlocks an array of information to enable you to plan for the future.



Technologies can be combined and integrated to create a parking solution that works for you and your customers.

How can these technologies benefit you

Business case

Find out more about how our innovation and technology can address your issues.

Smart Parking's SmartRep reporting system has allowed us to justify the growth of our business and thus extend the range of services we can offer our customers here while guaranteeing sufficient parking capacity is always available.

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With help from Smart Parking Limited (ASX:SPZ) it’s easy to manage your off-street parking.  Get in touch now and let’s talk about how we can create the improvements you need to make your parking facilities work better, for you and for your customers. 

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