On-street parking

Street parking that works for everyone

Effective on-street parking means less traffic congestion, safer roads and happier drivers. Available space is used efficiently, revenues increased and costs reduced, while compliance enforcement is made simple.

Features and benefits of our technology

Our technology

How can Smart Parking Limited (ASX:SPZ) technology change the parking experience?

Smart Parking Limited (ASX:SPZ) designs, develops and produces leading-edge parking technology that enables clients to manage parking efficiently and cost-effectively.

We combine our technologies to create a tailor-made parking management solution that’s good for you and good for your customers.

Spaces available


Check parking space availability before you set out.

Direction to parking

GPS guidance

GPS guidance takes driver to space with clear, simple directions.


Sensor gathers vehicle information for payment, compliance and space management.



How can these technologies benefit you?

Business case

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SmartRep gives you clear, detailed, live information for daily management and future planning.

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What now?

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With help from Smart Parking Limited (ASX:SPZ) it’s easy to manage your on-street parking.  Get in touch now and let’s talk about how we can create the improvements you need to make your street parking work better, for you and for your customers. 

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