Smart Parking in Today's Commercial Spaces

Global population in urban areas is reaching 4 billion, and increasingly pressure is being put upon available car parking, particularly at modern developments such as retail precincts, public spaces, commercial buildings and managed residential apartments.


Factoring in how a parking space will work with a property development is key to getting the right solution for every space. Long gone are the days where a chunk of land or section of building was assigned as a car park, bay lines drawn up, and it was left to run itself! These days customers, visitors and residents expect parking to be a seamless, hassle-free event that makes the start of their customer experience a positive one.

Smart Parking have worked with numerous customers in New Zealand, Australia, and beyond, who have had the foresight to incorporate the design of smart parking technology into their project at an early stage. Thanks to our innovative product range of hardware and software technologies, we can offer a flexible and reliable intelligent car parking solution to suit any configuration, no matter how sprawling or compact the site.

The SmartPark system

Smart Parking’s system is comprised of vehicle detection sensors (including in-ground, surface mount and overhead indicator), 4G wireless networks we call SmartSpots, and a powerful and intuitive platform that not only collects live parking event information from the sensors, but affords operators visibility and insights around parking trends at their site.

undefinedOur suite of offerings also extends to LED signage that directs motorists to aisles with available bays, reducing congestion and incidents of road rage, and our app and map also help visitors both plan their journey and be afforded a view of car park capacity and availability.

Having a SmartPark system is hugely beneficial to both motorists and operators. Motorists can feel confident they can find a car park in a timely and safe manner, and operators can run their entire site off a single dashboard.

The value of data

undefinedThanks to our SmartCloud platform, meaningful insights can be gained and parking trends identified, and its open nature means it can seamlessly operate with other on-site smart devices and operating platforms.

Talk to Smart Parking

We believe that our SmartPark system is an asset and requirement to any modern development or project that includes a car park facility, and would welcome the chance to talk to you about your project, no matter what stage it is at.

Our New Zealand-based Business Development Manager, Joanna Welch, is available to meet at a location convenient to you in Auckland, and also regularly travels across New Zealand and Australia. If you’re interested in a free coffee and more of an insight into what we can offer, please contact Joanna at joanna.welch@smartparking or +64 21 195 9938.