Pay & Walk

Pay & Walk

Stress-free, time-efficient parking for your customers. Simple management and improved revenue for you.

Features and benefts of Pay & Walk

What can Pay & Walk do for me?

Quick, ticketless parking with options for top up payments and easy infringement enforcement.

Pay & Walk is the future of off-street parking. It gives customers more control over their time and a completely hassle-free experience. For you it means reduced car park bureaucracy and revenue leakage.


  • Site survey to tailor Pay & Walk to your car parking operation.
  • Installation of in-ground vehicle detection sensors and payment machines.
  • Set up of SmartRep software.
  • Installation of signage.
  • After-sales support and maintenance options.
  • Enforcement.
  • Full back-office support and administration including call centre and debt recovery.


  • Live payment and occupancy data on each and every parking space.
  • Quick and easy for customers – no need to buy a ticket and return to the vehicle.
  • Customer flexibility including option for payment top-up for longer stay at remote pay station or by phone.
  • No barriers restricting access to your car park.
  • No more paper tickets.
  • Improved traffic flow.
  • Prevents visitors passing on tickets with time remaining to other drivers.
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What now?

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Pay & Walk will transform the car parking experience, for you and your customers.  

For your customers: it’s simple and convenient to use and reduces time spent parking. For you: you can now enjoy greater efficiency and improved revenues with a system that is flexible, easy to manage and tailored to your needs.

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