Easy-to-use App for both iPhone and Android devices that enables drivers to easily locate vacant parking spaces in real time

Features and benefits of SmartApp

What can SmartApp do for me?

Happier drivers, better traffic flow, less congestion & pollution and maximum use of parking spaces.

SmartApp puts the driver in control of their day. It eliminates the stress of driving around, looking for a space by finding the best available space for each driver and directing them to it.

The simple, easy to use smartphone app makes quick, convenient parking a breeze. Download it here!

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  • Traffic congestion decreases.
  • Pollution is reduced.
  • Local businesses get improved footfall as parking capacity is maximised.
  • Streets are safer – drivers not distracted by hunting for spaces.
  • Drivers less stressed and have more time to do things other than parking.
  • Best possible use of available space.


  • Customers are happier as they find spaces quickly and easily.
  • Less time spent parking means more time to use your services.
  • Traffic flow improves, saving time and increasing safety.
  • Integrates with SmartRep for pay-by-phone, compliance and information to attendants.
  • Space available gets maximum use.
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The City of Westminster is a major international hub for business, retail and leisure. It’s estimated that 30% of all traffic is drivers looking for a space. SmartApp finds those spaces, cutting congestion and maximising capacity.

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What now?

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SmartApp can create visible, measurable improvement to your on-street or off-street parking. Change can happen quickly with our fuss-free installation and comprehensive support to help you get your new system established. Get in touch to find out more.

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