Seamlessly manage employee and visitor parking

Smart Parking introduces 'SmartBooking' - the facility that allows car park operators to link parking reservations with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) management systems.

How can SmartBooking help me?

Efficient, car park reservation management

By allowing you to manage your car park reservations/bookings via a web based interface, SmartBooking removes the need for manual management of parking whitelists and visitor exemptions. 


  • SmartBooking is a 'white labelled' portal which is easy to access through a standard web browser.   
  • Users have the ability to pre-book and secure employee and visitor parking requirements.
  • Third party management companies can also manage parking reservations remotely.
  • If required, casual visitors can use the same car park through the traditional method of pay and display parking.
  • Integration with SmartRep gives the user accurate parking data on car park usage.


  • Immediately gives valid vehicles access whilst cutting out the need to visit payment machines and display tickets.
  • Gives users full control whilst improving management of parking space.
  • Improved customer experience as spaces are more efficiently managed and allocated bays are protected for those who depend on them for easy access into their place of work.

  • Comprehensive information gathered through SmartRep enables profitable future planning.
How does SmartBooking work?

How does it work?

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