Improve off-street parking traffic flow, capacity and customer experience with digital display signage and high-intensity LED lighting that guides drivers to available spaces.

Features and benefits of SmartGuide

What can SmartGuide do for me?

Reduce congestion and improve customer satisfaction with simple guidance to available spaces.

SmartGuide is a straight-forward guidance system for off-street parking that works with SmartEye to identify available spaces and then guides customers to them with large, clear, digital signage and LED lighting. 


  • Clear, simple, signage to available spaces.
  • Direction signage throughout carpark to improve traffic flow.
  • Individual space LED lighting indicators ensure no space is missed at busy times.
  • Can be configured for special status bays, including disabled.
  • Simple, user-friendly and cost-effective system.
  • Instant identification of all available space to drivers.
  • Works with SmartRep to improve overall efficiency and management.


  • Affordable and adaptable for wide-range of car parks.
  • Improved traffic flow – cuts congestion and pollution.
  • Stress-free, time efficient parking means happier customers.
  • Happy experience means more return patronage and recommendation.
  • Less time parking means more time for everything else.
  • Instantly identifies disabled, parent & child and other special spaces.
  • Optimises use of available space.
  • Integrates with SmartRep to give you data and analysis for better management.
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Case studies and testimonials

At Brisbane International Airport in Queensland, Australia, the installation of SmartGuide was a significant part of the upgrade and expansion of the terminal.   

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What now?

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SmartGuide is a simple, cost-efficient and highly effective off-street parking management system.  With SmartGuide you’ll see improved customer satisfaction while you’re getting maximum capacity from your facility.  

Increased capacity and less-time parking means that customers have more time to spend with you. Get in touch to find out more.

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