Powerful yet user-friendly, SmartRep is the world’s most advanced parking management software for both daily administration and long term planning.

Features and benefits of SmartRep

What can SmartRep do for me?

Cut costs and increase revenues with accurate, comprehensive, real-time data.

SmartRep software collates and analyses live information on how your parking space is being used. Accurate vehicle-by-vehicle, minute-by-minute data on actual usage of your facilities gives you the leading edge in day-to-day management and future planning.  Revenues are maximised through optimum efficiency.

On-street or off-street, SmartRep is the hub of data at the heart of your chosen parking management system.


  • SmartRep data activates simple payment, compliance and space maximisation systems.
  • Compatible with your existing systems.
  • Tailor-made to your requirements.
  • Full after-sales support and maintenance options.
  • Historic information is clear and easy to access.
  • Complete, accurate information collated and analysed as foundation for future planning.  


  • Low cost parking management solutions.
  • Real-time visibility of parking behaviour and compliance.
  • Parking made quicker and easier for customers.
  • More efficient use of parking attendants’ time.
  • Better turnover and increased capacity.
  • Increased revenue and efficiency.
  • Costs reduced.
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Case studies and testimonials

Large retail supermarket in Trafford Park, Manchester secured planning approval for a 310 square metre store extension, thanks to data generated through SmartRep.

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What now?

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SmartRep is at the hub of creating visible, measurable improvement to your on-street or off-street parking.  Change can happen quickly with our fuss-free installation and comprehensive support to help you get your new system established. Get in touch to find out more.

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