Pay / Appeal Parking Charge
Pay / Appeal Parking Charge

Managed Parking Services in Australia and New Zealand

We have launched our Managed Parking Services business in Australia and New Zealand, under the name Smart Compliance Management.

The implementation of a well-run car park results in increased compliance and fewer instances of unauthorised parking – meaning that valuable parking space is maximised for your genuine visitors.

Smart Parking has been operating our Managed Services business for over 10 years in the UK, and we have brought that wealth of knowledge to over 700 sites across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


We can increase sales in your business

Since the various lockdowns across Australia and New Zealand, many businesses that rely on footfall for the majority of their sales have really suffered financially, and are now looking to get back on their feet.

One way you can do this is have your customer car park monitored for overstays and abuse by non-genuine customers. This is where we step in with our technology-focused, customer centric solution with zero upfront or ongoing costs to you.

Traditionally people have had to rely on the likes of tow truck services, or wardens conducting manual patrols, which are ineffective and costly, and can often lead to ugly confrontations and sometimes even violence in your car park.

By installing our technology-based solution that uses Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras, our system provides a non-intrusive and fully automated service to catch parking infringements in your car park.

Increased Takings & Turnover

"The best thing to happen was you calling on us! Big thank you to the Smart Compliance team for getting this across the line with our Body Corp. The ANPR cameras saw an increase in customer visits in only the second week of being live, as a flow on effect from our happy locals coming back to us because they could get a park! We have seen a happy till with a noticeable increase in our weekly takings as well, and we’ve also had an average increase of 25 customers a day over the month of May 2021."

Working with you, for you

We recognise that every site is different with unique requirements so we conduct a thorough up-front analysis with the customer in which we get to the bottom of the parking issues a business is having, followed by a site survey. This collaborative approach allows us to deploy the effective installation of hardware and best method of management deemed most fit for your site. 

Smart Parking retain ownership of any ANPR cameras, signage or tablets – meaning zero installation costs to you and once the site is up and running we take the hassle of having to manage your car park off your hands by taking care of the contravention lifecycle from infringement to payment of fines, with no ongoing account management or data costs.

We also do a thorough analysis around permit parking or concessionary scheme requirements. Smart Parking’s system can cater for staff parking, maintenance workers, members of a gym or club, as well as motorists who have a disability or special requirements, and we work with you in the occasional case where a genuine customer has been ticketed.

As well, we have full technical helpdesk support and we provide a dedicated Account Manager to help facilitate both the installation process and ongoing relationship.

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Who we work with

We work with a large range of well-known Australian and New Zealand brands, and are continually bringing our managed car park services to new customers.

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