Pay / Appeal Parking Charge
Pay / Appeal Parking Charge

Councils & Local Authorities

Smart Parking has been transforming the parking experience and increasing revenues for a huge range of government clients for many years. We have adopted a strategy that focuses on differentiation through experience, continual innovation, and value-added services, with a special emphasis on integration technology.

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A smarter way to manage parking.

Over the years Smart Parking has worked closely with numerous local authorities to help them achieve their parking objectives.

Our car park management solutions can help to:

  • Introduce revenue streams with flexible payment options
  • Prevent car park abuse
  • Help to ensure compliance
  • Provide a more pleasurable visitor experience
  • Reduce congestion during busy periods
  • Help prevent crime and antisocial behaviour
  • Provide valuable data insights and reporting to help make key decisions
  • Help to fully utilise the space
  • Free up your time and take the stress away from managing the site

The systems we use are versatile and can help manage sites supporting; residential, local parks, out-of-city parking, transport, sporting venues and many more. We are well positioned to accommodate any site landscape and provide everything from the technical hardware and supporting site equipment, to maintenance, and ongoing management.

Our systems help to fully utilise car park usage and can provide valuable revenue streams for local councils and authorities. In addition, many of our clients benefit from our reporting software, where key data can be supplied to help see site trends, this can be pivotal in making strategic decisions.

We take the time to understand the needs of the local authority and the potential users of the site in question, no site is ever the same. So, using our experience and diverse technology we can then put forward the most efficient and robust car park management system.

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A better run car park is only a few steps away

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Smart Parking has provided some significant enhanced service to us on our site outside of the normal scope of core parking services. The development of a strategic plan and implementation of targeted activities to increase customer awareness and usage of the car park.

Already we are seeing after one month successful take up of additional users of the car park. Well done Smart Parking.

Project Manger | Local Council

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