Pay / Appeal Parking Charge
Pay / Appeal Parking Charge

Hospitals & Medical Centres

Hospitals and Medical Centres including Dentists need to provide a range of parking options for their patients, staff, and visitors to ensure a good experience. Smart Parking has extensive knowledge and experience in improving parking conditions at various hospitals and medical centres.

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We manage car parks the smart way

Visiting or working at a Hospital or Medical Centre can be extremely stressful, so the last thing members of staff, patients and visitors need is the added pressure that a poorly run car park can bring.

How we can help:

  • Prevent car park abuse so spaces are free for those that need them
  • Remove the need for barriers to allow for better flowing traffic
  • Introduce possible revenue streams with flexible payment options
  • Allow sufficient parking to cater for staff shift schedules
  • Reduce overcrowding in commonly used areas
  • Utilise spaces in less common areas
  • Take the stress away from managing your car park
  • Provide a more pleasurable user experience for all

Smart Parking has experience in providing customised and easy-to-manage car park solutions to a range of different hospitals and medical centres.

A common problem at larger sites is the severe underutilisation of certain car parks and overcrowding in other areas. Staff requirements must cater for the different schedules and shifts of doctors, nurses, surgeons, and other hospital staff. Order can also be brought to visitor parking, which comes with its own unique set of requirements.

Smart Parking can deliver a working solution where the configuration of a car park can be made flexible and thus accommodate parking requirements for shift workers, rostered staff, and staff with regular hours.

As well as bringing order to staff car parks, we can configure visitor parking to cater for a range of requirements including limited mobility needs, emergency parking, longer term parking and visitor hours influx, taking the stress out of finding and paying for parking.

For smaller medical centres, we can also offer our camera-based ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) system, and take the headache of managing a car park off your hands entirely.

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Make sure valuable spaces are kept free for patients

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Smart Parking provide an invaluable service in managing the car parks within our portfolio of sites.

Both staff and patients appreciate the presence of the Smart Parking attendant on site to ensure designated
parking bays are managed correctly and the general flow of the car park is maintained.

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