Pay / Appeal Parking Charge
Pay / Appeal Parking Charge

Restaurants & Pubs

Your business may only have a 20-space car park, or possibly many more, however, these are all vital to the people who want to meet friends or family and enjoy a special occasion. Smart Parking uses technology to ensure these spaces are readily available for genuine customers.

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Enhancing the customer experience

Whether your venue is a high-end establishment or a fast food restaurant, we believe that the customer experience starts and finishes when they enter and exit your car park. It is therefore essential that your valued guests find the parking smooth and easy.

A well-managed car park pays dividends, this is how we can help:

  • We will install technology at no cost to you
  • Prevent car park abuse so spaces are free for those who need them
  • Improve footfall
  • Save time not having to deal with car park issues
  • Introduce possible revenue streams with flexible payment options
  • Provide a more pleasurable user experience
  • Get useful data insights
  • Help utilise parking spaces during peak and off peak times

There are many benefits to having a well organised car park, allowing spaces to be available to genuine visitors is just one. However, if a customer has a negative experience in your car park either through not finding a parking space due to over congestion, it can lead to the visitor thinking you are too busy or leaving as they can’t find somewhere to park. The impact can be reduced footfall, loss of repeat business and ultimately a fall in revenue. Our solutions can solve that problem.

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Use your car park to improve the customer experience

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We are always looking at ways technology can improve our customer experience and with Smart Parking they are a perfect partner.

Construction Property Manager | Fast Food Chain

It is a pleasure to work with such a customer-focussed company. One of the biggest assets to them is the account management team, who have taken time to visit each restaurant and spend time with the managers to talk them through the whole process.

Regional Manager | Restaurant Chain