Pay / Appeal Parking Charge
Pay / Appeal Parking Charge

Universities & Education

Campuses and education facilities can provide a unique challenge with regard to parking, as not only do they tend to occupy multiple car parks on a sprawling footprint, but they also need to cater for the different needs of students, staff, and visitors.

Smart Parking can help facilitate the needs of each set of car park users and monitor trends such as peak hours and driver behaviour.

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On-campus car park management – a system you can count on

We have experience in providing car park solutions to universities and education facilities and understand the inherent requirements and potential pitfalls unique to these kinds of sites.

How we can help:

  • Cater for the parking needs of staff, students and visitors
  • Create a better parking experience for staff, students and visitors
  • Introduce possible revenue streams with flexible payment options including permits
  • Efficiently utilise parking to cater for peak times
  • Prevent unauthorised parking so spaces are free for genuine visitors
  • Remove the need for barriers to allow for better flowing traffic
  • Reduce overcrowding in commonly used locations
  • Utilise spaces in less common areas

Managing staff, student and visitor parking areas can be a challenge. Smart Parking’s system features a range of different options to suit every university or education facility car park.

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