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Pay / Appeal Parking Charge

SmartCloud Hub

SmartCloud Hub is our next generation of customer experience. Using this online reporting and car park management tool, site owners gain increased ownership of their site with access to data and reporting, and the ability to self-manage whitelists at their fingertips.

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Reporting and analytics on your car park with SmartCloud Hub


Car park management tools at your fingertips

Smart Parking are aiming to improve our customer service with the release of our latest car park reporting tool.
SmartCloud Hub is a unique offering developed by our in-house development team that allows customers to both view and report on car park occupancy, usage, payment and trends, as well as enabling customers to manage their own permit exemption whitelist.

With a simple, clean dashboard and user friendly functionality, SmartCloud Hub is a unique offering in the market, and puts the power of information directly into our customers’ hands.

  • SmartCloud Hub is developed and run on our SmartCloud platform
  • Developed using Google Cloud Modern Architecture
  • Serverless, secure, cloud-based platform with access via standard web browsers
  • Simple login and management process
  • Dashboard provides an overview of your car park activity
  • Recent activity over the past 24 hours
  • Parking events over the past 7 days
  • Fortnightly average stay duration
  • Individual site events including current duration, parking sessions and concession parking
  • Reporting provides aggregated and accurate information about the performance of a site
  • Makes visible stats on site traffic, stay duration and compliance revenue
  • Easily manage whitelists and permit parking from your desktop to exempt valid vehicles (e.g. staff parking) from site rules
  • View, search, add and remove plates to the whitelist
  • Vehicles can be added indefinitely or for a selected timeframe (e.g. temporary contractor vehicles)