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Pay / Appeal Parking Charge

KFC UK & Ireland sign Parking Management contract with Smart Parking

KFC is undoubtedly a globally recognised business, and with over 450 drive-thru restaurants in the UK and Ireland this represents a great opportunity for Smart Parking to provide managed services to multiple outlets across the KFC portfolio.

Smart Parking’s proprietary Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is an ideal solution for managing a car park that experiences high volumes of vehicles, and this managed solution will ensure their car parks are being fairly used by genuine KFC customers. 

After a robust competitive process, Smart Parking were awarded the contract, and have been signed with the equity division of KFC who own and operate 50 of the 450 restaurants across the UK and Ireland – 13 of which are already in the delivery planning stage.

The agreement has an initial term of three years, and also provides preferred supplier access to the vast franchisee network. Of the 450 restaurants, around 250 are ideally suited for ANPR managed services, and over time all other sites will be assessed for ANPR suitability.

The primary technology solution that will be used in the contract will be our proprietary ANPR solution, however Smart Parking will also deploy our wider stack of technology including individual bay occupancy sensors, and SmartCloud – our online smart city management platform.

We are delighted to win this important contract with KFC UK & Ireland, a global and universally recognised brand. KFC values our market leading proprietary technology and focused customer service. We very much look forward to working initially with the equity owned outlets, and building relationships with the larger network of franchised outlets across the United Kingdom.

Group CEO | Smart Parking