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SmartCloud platform

SmartCloud is Smart Parking's real-time, global scale, intelligent IoT services platform that enables sophisticated and flexible services to be created using open web interfaces.


Smart Parking launched SmartCloud after partnering with Google during their deployment of the Google Cloud IoT Core platform.


This allows a complete solution for connecting, managing and absorbing data from IoT devices, and has meant we have been able to completely redefine and streamline how we manage the deployment, activation and administration of a range of smart sensors and devices.

A world first in car park technology and information processing

A world first in car park technology and information processing

SmartCloud is an innovative, overarching service platform that gathers data from thousands of installed sensors and devices, and, in turn, processes this information into valuable, real-time reporting and events. 


It is programmed to process millions of interactions with vast networks of sensors and information equipment, as well as interconnection to other systems – serving real world solutions to millions of users across the globe.


As well as allowing secure remote device and firmware management, SmartCloud allows users to efficiently deploy widespread updates to their entire network of devices.


The SmartCloud service platform is constructed using leading web technologies, allowing us to provide secure universal access via standard web browsers.

"Parking is just part of a very complex ecosystem that requires sophisticated interoperability and powerful analytics. The biggest trend in the space is towards the Internet of Things (IoT) – the integration of a large number of generic and specialised devices. This has led us to shift from the idea of our devices being the centre of the universe. Instead, we put data intelligence at the core."

John Heard

Chief Technology Officer
Smart Parking Technology

Smart Parking and Google



Smart Parking were one of the pioneering early adopters of the Google Cloud IoT Platform – in fact it’s what our development team have built our SmartCloud platform on.


This trailblazing initiative has seen us go completely serverless, and what this means for our customers is the flexibility of invisible infrastructure and automatic scaling, and the fairness of pay by use.


In July 2018, Smart Parking's Chief Technology Officer, John Heard, was invited by Google to present at the Google Next '18 in San Francisco. This was a world-class event that attended by thousands of industry professionals and representatives from global tech companies – and being there puts Smart Parking on the world stage and at the forefront of innovation in the parking industry.


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SmartCloud Features

SmartCloud Features

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Google Relationship

Google Relationship

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White Paper

White Paper

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