09 Jul 2018 Press Release

Moreton Bay’s bug about parking finds a solution in Smart Parking


Moreton Bay Regional Council has selected Smart Parking as the supplier of a car park management solution in the thriving North Lakes area.

Moreton Bay is located in Queensland, Australia and is considered a natural attraction due to its accessibility and versatility, hosting a wide range of beach-going, aquatic and fishing activities, as well as services such as public ferries, barges and water taxis.



All of this activity makes the area a draw card for locals and tourists alike, and the Moreton Bay Regional Council recognised that increasing numbers of people arriving in the area was starting to put strain on the parking facilities.



Thanks to our relationship with Telstra, and the viability of our system, Smart Parking was selected to be the preferred supplier of a car park management solution.



Focusing on the thriving North Lakes area, Smart Parking are set to install 358 in-ground sensors that will monitor and relay individual bay status to our SmartSpot units that will be installed around the site to provide a live network of connectivity.



This real-time information is then sent on to our Google Cloud powered SmartCloud platform, which allows processing and analytics, displaying site visibility and specialised reporting to operators at Moreton Bay City Council.



Moreton Bay were also impressed by the fact that the SmartPark system allows operators to remotely control individual parking bay rules, meaning that they can re-set sensor behaviour after analysing individual bay usage such as peak times and typical length of stay, ensuring that traffic flow and visitor requirements can be met.



The install is due to begin early August, just in time for the influx of summer visitors and activities - and with our ongoing support agreement with Moreton Bay, we can ensure that parking in the area is kept streamlined in future years.



“Moreton Bay’s attractions are a huge draw card, and we’re pleased to be able to facilitate a fair and stress-free parking experience for visitors to the area.”

Ben Williams

Smart Parking National Sales Manager