ParkCBR - Frequently Asked Questions

1)    What is the Smart Parking Trial?

2)    Why are the ACT Government trialing Smart Parking?

3)    What is the goal of the Smart Parking trial?

4)    Why LED street signage?

o   191 bays Furneaux car park multistorey; and

o   108 bays on Bougainville street. 

5)    How do I use the ParkCBR smart parking App?

6)    How to download the ParkCBR parking availability app

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7)    When will the trial start?

8)    Key dates for the project

o   November/December – equipment and sensors were installed in the on-street bays the Furneaux off-street carparking multistorey. 

o   December to March – operational acceptance testing of sensor network and App.

o   April – trial commences

o   End April 2017 – trial complete.


9)    Which company was selected to deliver the Smart Parking trial in Manuka?

10)   What type of smart parking technology is being used in Manuka?

11)    What are the key benefits of Smart Parking in other cities?

o   International studies suggest that 30 per cent of traffic in downtown areas are cars looking for a carpark (noting that the figure in Canberra may not be this high).

o   Westminster Council, in London, has publically announced that they are looking into the possibility of creating a cashless parking scheme through radio frequency identification chips (RFID).  In the future, motorists may be able to park and walk away – automatically paying for parking however long they stay.

o   The City of San Francisco found that Smart Parking reduced the amount of time spent searching for a parking space by 43 per cent.

o   The City of Nice reports that Smart Parking reduced congestion by 10 per cent.

12)   How is the Canberra free public Wi-Fi being utilised?

o   Selecting < Wi-Fi > on your Device

o   Selecting  < CBRfree WiFi >

o   Accept the < Terms and Conditions >


13)   Is Smart Parking just about revenue raising?


14)  How is this different to Parkmobile?


15)   What is smart parking?

16)   How does Smart Parking fit with the ACT’s transport and parking policies?

17)   Is Smart Parking just about revenue raising?  Will parking enforcement officers give road users a ticket the minute they overstay?

18)   What if road users don’t use smart phones, will they still be able to benefit from Smart Parking technology?

19)   Isn’t the use of phones while driving illegal? Will Smart Parking technology encourage road users to use their phones while driving?

20)   What has the ACT Government done previously to make parking more convenient for road users?

Significant investments are also being made to infrastructure such as bus-lane extensions and real-time information systems for bus-users.