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SmartSpot gateways

Smart Parking’s SmartSpots are multifunctional communications gateways that relay live parking event data from on-site sensors to Smart Parking’s IoT SmartCloud platform, in the cloud.

Mobile network gateways

Mobile network gateways

Every time we deploy our SmartPark system at a site we install multiple SmartSpot units, each of which remotely picks up individual bay status from a number of sensors, relaying this information into SmartCloud via the mobile network.


These SmartSpot gateways are powerful and scalable smart city building blocks that provide a common IoT gateway in a single unit, making obsolete the growing issue emerging in cities where operators are faced with a multitude of costly and isolated communication devices installed within the city street environments.


SmartSpot models


Our SmartSpot units come in two models – Omni models which offer wider options for connectivity including Ethernet/Fibre Optic, WiFi, as well as wireless sensors, and Lite models that are focused on wireless sensor connectivity and are perfect for use in areas where interconnectivity with other devices is not required.


Creating zones of open connectivity

SmartSpots provide an IoT gateway in a single unit, allowing hundreds of different devices to connect and providing areasof open connectivity we call SmartZones.


Once a SmartPark system is installed, city operators have a compatible unit with the ability for other services such as lighting, public WiFi, surveillance and more to be connected at a later date. It also means less hardware cluttering up city streets, and a more streamlined way of managing a raft of smart city services.