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Around the world, thousands of businesses and public authorities that offer car-parking facilities are constantly striving to improve quality, convenience and choice.

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We are the only company in the world to offer a Pay & Walk system. It gives customers more control and a completely hassle-free experience. For you it means reduced car park bureaucracy and revenue leakage.


  • Live revenue and space-by-space usage reporting
  • Quick and easy for customers – no need to return to the vehicle
  • Improved traffic flow
  • No more paper tickets
  • No cumbersome and costly barriers
  • Visitor flexibility including topping-up time via mobile phone
  • Prevents visitors ‘piggybacking’ or giving tickets away


  • Site survey to tailor the solution to your car parking operation
  • Installation of SmartEye sensors and payment machines
  • Set up of SmartRep software
  • Installation of signage
  • After-sales support and maintenance options
  • Enforcement
  • Full back-office support and administration including call centre and debt recovery
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Matalan sets new standards in parking service quality with Pay & Walk from Smart Parking


UK retailer Matalan is to deploy Smart Parking’s Pay & Walk technology as part of its commitment to continue to maximise the quality of the shopping experience for its customers.

Pay & Walk takes off-street car parking to the next level


Smart Parking has launched an updated version of Pay & Walk, its solution for off-street car parking that removes the drawbacks associated with both Pay On Foot and Pay & Display.

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What now?

What now?

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