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Wyndham City signs a 3-year smart city technology contract with Smart Parking

Smart Parking will be working with Wyndham City to bring smart city initiatives and reinvent the parking experience at the Werribee City Centre and the surrounds, located in the municipality of Wyndham.

Smart Parking are delighted to announce that we have signed a contract to supply and install our SmartPark technology solution in over 2,000 parking bays in Wyndham.

The hardware will include over 2,000 vehicle detection sensors installed in individual parking bays to monitor vehicle activity, along with our SmartSpot gateways. The SmartSpot gateways are multifunctional communication gateways that relay live parking events from the sensors to Smart Parking’s IoT (Internet of Things) SmartCloud platform.

Along with the hardware we will also be delivering our SmartCloud platform. This cloud-based technology platform allows a complete solution for connecting, managing and absorbing data from IoT devices, and has meant we have been able to completely redefine and streamline how we manage the deployment, activation and administration of a range of smart IoT devices.

SmartCloud will enable Wyndham City to remotely monitor real-time site activity, and will also allow them to generate reports over a large cross section of data. This means Wyndham City can use the reporting to drill down and get a deep understanding of how their car parking estate is being used. 

Wyndham City can also use SmartCloud to understand metrics that are meaningful and give insight into potential improvements, cost efficiencies and responsiveness to the changing needs of residents and visitors to the area, which in turn allows for informed decision making in the future.

Additional to the hardware and software packages to be deployed, Wyndham City will work with Smart Parking to deliver the wayfinding app which is developed for residents and visitors, and will mean that motorists can see where available parking is, and, using the in-built Google Map function, receive verbal directions to available bays. This means less congestion on the roads, a reduction in emissions, and takes away driver frustration at having to find a suitable car park.

With a minimum 3-year contract for Smart Parking to undertake monitoring and maintenance of the site, Wyndham City will soon be leading with a tool that helps not only residents and visitors, but give the council a smart city building block on which they can expand well in to the future.

It’s great to see yet another smart city project get off the ground in the current market climate. Wyndham City has their eye on the future, and we’re pleased they are prioritising this kind of initiative. We’re very much looking forward to delivering a smart city solution that is technology driven and has the capacity to be expanded on in the future.

General Manager - Australia | Smart Parking